Irrigation Systems Install and Repair

irrigation systemsAt North by Northwest Lawns we are dedicated to providing the most state of the art equipment and high quality service. Our company has over 14 years of experience with installing/repairing irrigation systems (also known as sprinkler systems). We only install/repair high quality and water conserving products. All of our systems come with a free wireless rain sensor and a 5 YEAR COMPLETE SYSTEM WARRANTY along with a 1 YEAR 100% COVERAGE WARRANTY.

We use only professional grade parts in systems in our irrigation and sprinkler system designs, and our installations are always on time and within budgets. We offer alternative, Eco-friendly alternatives too! We provide products that can save your water usage by as much as 50%, by storing the water you use at the roots where your lawn needs it! Ask us about our “Aqua Smart”  and other water reclamation products!

We offer several water conserving options to help you reduce waste water and still keep your lawn green and healthy all summer long!! From nozzles to drip irrigation to sensors, there are many options to help you get the best irrigation system in the neighborhood. Click here to see the water conserving products that are available to you today!

Water Wisely