Landscape Installation

We’ll help you build your dream landscape.

Our landscape design team will meet with you in-person and will go over your idea’s, review the local geo-specific needs to ensure beautiful results and help design your dreamscape. We will properly install your new landscape according to the designs approved by the customer. All landscape installation services and products come with a 90 day from North by Northwest Lawns.

We offer landscape design and installation on new projects and any redesigns you may have at your home or place of business. Our team of landscape experts have years of experience and knowledge as well as a hands-on, personal-service philosophy.

Bringing your project to life. After your initial complimentary consultation, we use your ideas, wants, and desires along with the experience, knowledge and creativity of our team, to develop the look, feel, form, and functionality for your distinct project design. With our skilled landscape artisans, we then bring the design to life to create your personal paradise at home.

Your home is your paradise. Because we know that your home is your sanctuary, your refuge, your family gathering place, our mission is to also make it your paradise. Though every project is unique, each one receives the same attention to detail, reliable on-time construction, professionalism, personal service, and quality to exceed your expectations. Honesty and integrity are inherent in every aspect of our company. We will only be satisfied that our mission is being fulfilled when every customer says… “My home truly is my paradise.”

Landscape Design and Installation
We offer new landscape construction and landscape rejuvenation. Add more value, curb appeal, and enjoyment to your home’s landscape.

Patio extensions, sidewalks, stone borders, retaining walls….etc

Whether you just built your home or need to completely remove and replace your old fence, we can do it! We also can install wrought iron fencing and handrails. Unfortunately we do not offer fence repairs at the moment.

Nothing beats a beautiful water feature to come home to, and enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Click here for more information regarding water features!


Xeriscaping is a method of creative landscaping that focuses on strategic use of flora, soil, rock, and planting patterns to cultivate gardens that require minimum hydration. Click here for more information regarding xeriscaping benefits!