Landscape Lighting

Is your home invisible half of the time? Proper landscape lighting is paramount in making any home safe, comfortable, and attractive. After sundown, darkness can provide cover for undesirables and can be a shadowy void where unseen objects create a safety hazard. Not only that, but your home can be as beautiful at night as it is in the day.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality architectural and landscape lighting and service. Show off your home and landscape … even when the sun is down!

In addition, we offer a 12 Month 0% APR Special Financing option and a full 10 year warranty on all materials, and a 5 year warranty on installation. this means that your lighting system is completely covered, including:

  • Fixtures
  • Wire
  • Transformer
  • Timing System
  • Labor

We carry and install FX Luminaire products. Unlike plastic / metal kit lighting, the FX system is comprised of architectural grade components engineered to be specified and installed by professionals. We are committed to making your lighting investment a long term contribution to your landscaping project, and an enjoyable experience to own. From Path Lights Down Lights and Up Lights, to Accessories such as transformers and filters and lamps, we take pride in our installations and the enhancement and beauty it adds to your home.