Residential Lawn Service

Residential Lawn Service

We offer many levels of Residential Lawn Service to the Cedar Park and surrounding communities. Each lawn/landscape is custom tailored to accommodate both your lawn/landscape and your needs, there is no one “set” price for all. All of our services include either weekly or bi-weekly service along with fertilizers and weed control.

All customers must have an existing underground irrigation system and select either weekly or bi-weekly services. 

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A well maintained environment requires unprecedented attention to detail. A residential Lawn in Cedar Park and the surrounding communities. need to be mowed to specification; perennials, shrubbery and ornamental grasses trimmed to promote growth and full specimen trees need to be pruned to maintain shape and to allow proper sunlight to penetrate to promote strong turf growth conditions. Regular lawn assessments are available to ensure the health and vibrancy of your homestead.

Having a lawn that is thick and green is a benefit to our environment. It helps cool the environment, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, improve air quality and prevent soil erosion to stabilize the ground beneath our feet.

During your initial consultation we will gather a detailed analysis of your yard covering issues such as:

  • Grass and soil types
  • Thatch and turf density
  • Shade and sun exposure
  • Ornamental Tree/ Shrub types
  • Mowing and watering
  • Problem areas including disease, compaction and pet damage
  • Grassy and broad-leaf weeds
  • Insects

With this information we gather we will construct a customized lawn care program for your lawns needs. We’ll help it grow thicker and greener using professional grade fertilizers, weekly visits for both the lawn and shrubs and constant communication between us and the customer.

Throughout your lawns improvements we will make changes to your lawns program and adjust as needed. If there are any discrepancies we’ll be there at no additional charge with 48 hours of notification. We’ll take care of your mowing schedule and watering schedule (we’ll need access to the control panel) to help give you a piece of mind of your lawns heath. Your shrubs will be maintained to ensure a thick and healthy growth. Any disease or infestations of insects will be notified to the customer at first sight.


We highly recommend you consider aeration and top dressing, at the very least, during the spring time. The spring time is the best time to get your lawn ready for the heat our of summers. Additionally, AquaSmart will make a significant difference in how your turf handles the heat in between watering times.