Top Dressing

Top Dressing is ideally applied after lawn aeration in the spring, but may be performed any time that the turf is free from any debris. Applying Top Dressing annually will provide your lawn with new vigor resulting in a thicker, greener, healthier lawn. You will notice a thicker lawn from improved root growth, as your soil becomes “renewed” with each application of Top Dressing

Benefits of Top Dressing:

  • Adds organic matter to your soil, which will improve the soil structure, encouraging root growth and thickening your turf
  • Revitalizes lawns without reseeding where root systems are still intact
  • Rebuilds “pet spots” and compacted areas
  • Fortifies established lawns, especially after aeration
  • Builds thicker, lusher lawns
  • Produces vibrant green color, organically

An Additional benefit is that Top Dressing can actually reduce your water usage!Studies show that Improved soil structure and increased levels of soil organic matter can lead directly to reducing the need to irrigate turf areas. By increasing the amount of organic matter in soil, the ability of the soil to hold water is increased. Just by raising the overall level of organic matter by 1% increases the ability of an acre of soil to hold 16,500 gallons of water. This means you use less water, while maintaining a happy, healthy, lush lawn!