Tree Trimming

Trees are our world’s most valuable natural assets. They convert carbon-dioxide to oxygen, without it life as you know it would not exist. They provide building materials, heating, and paper. They have great character and are known for their eye appeal throughout the seasons. Providing proper maintenance and pruning of your trees will ensure a beautiful long life for all of your trees.  Removing dead branches reduces areas of disease and insect infestation. Also removing small young growth on mature limbs enhances the look of all your trees. All cuts are sealed with tree paint to ensure no disease contamination.

Get your young trees off to a good start by having us professionally prune them. Many “core” problems can be avoided by maintaining trees while they are still small. Proper pruning gets young trees off to the right start, saving more costly tree trimming in the future.

When to prune:
You may have heard the old saying about tree trimming that goes something like this “Trim trees anytime your saw is sharp.” This may be true when it comes to removing broken and dead branches, but in many cases timing is very important. Most flowering trees set their blossoms the year before they bloom. Therefore, they won’t bloom if these flower buds are trimmed off the tree. The best rule is to always trim flowering trees within 3 weeks of when they finish blooming. That should prevent you from inadvertently removing buds containing next year’s flower show. Other trees require other timing. Oaks, for example, should be not be trimmed from April thru October, due to the prevalence of disease pathogens during that time frame.

We understand your trees, and more importantly, understand the need to proper timing of such work. Call us for your tree trimminng needs today!