Lawn Maintenance Program FAQ

  • What is included in your maintenance programs?
    • Turf, bed and shrub maintenance along with fertilizers and weed control. We offer upgraded packages with core-aeration, insecticide and fungicide.
  • What is the proper height I should mow at?
    • Selecting the proper mowing height for your lawn is essential to the health of your grass. We always mow your lawn at the recommended cutting height (unless specified otherwise from the customer). Here are the optimal mowing heights in inches:
      • Hybrid Bermuda grass – 20″ to 3.0″
      • Common Bermuda grass – 2.5″ to 3.5″
      • St. Augustine grass, Bahia grass – 3.0″ to 4.5″
      • Zoysia grass – 2.5″ to 4.5”
  • When is the proper time to aerate my lawn?
    If you have thatch already, the best time to aerate is early spring, except for Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass, which are most effectively de-thatched during the warm growing months of summer.
    Core aeration is most effective as a preventive measure, ventilating the soil before thatch builds up. However, if thatch exceeds a thickness of two inches, you may have no other remedy than to strip off the thatched sod layer and replant a new lawn.
  • Do you have to sign a contract?
    • Yes, we require an annual service agreement. This agreement automatically renews upon your anniversary date unless cancellation notice is received via e-mail or mail 30 days prior to anniversary date.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    • Yes. However, reconciliation of account will take place.
  • How much does it cost?
    • We do not have a one-set rate, we customize each property for their needs. We will need to send someone out for a full overview of the property in order to give you an accurate price. All rates are pro-rated throughout the year.
  • Do you offer mow-only services?
    • No, we do not offer mow-only services, all customers must be signed on with either bronze, silver or gold package.
  • Do you offer one-time services?
    • No, all customers must be signed on with an annual service agreement.
  • What are the requirements for your maintenance programs?
    • All potential customers must either select weekly or bi-weekly service and have an existing underground sprinkler system.
  • Why do we need to have a sprinkler system in order to become a maintenance customer?
    • All fertilizer applications are required to be watered after applied. We want all of our customers landscapes to be in the best possible condition. In order to achieve this, they must be properly irrigated.
  • What if you break something on the property?
    • Although we take the utmost care with our surroundings, things do happen from time to time. We are insured and will fix any damage that NXNWL causes. However, we are not responsible for damages done to piping, wiring, sprinkler heads, and valve covers that are not installed properly.
  • I have a dog in my backyard, what is your policy?
    • Any area that has a locked gate or unsecured animal will NOT be worked on. Customer will not receive a discount/refund or reroute back to property. The remainder of the property will be maintained.
  • I have a lock in my backyard, is that okay?
    • Yes, that is okay as long as the office knows the combination or access to key during the visit.
  • Can I choose what day I want to be serviced?
    • No, your service day will be based upon your location and our present schedule.
  • How do you take care of weeds in my flower beds?
    • We generally spray for weeds with Round Up in flower beds (avoiding plants/vegetation that are wanted). We will pull all large weeds, however, we will not hand pull small ones.
  • My grass looks brown and patchy? 
    • There may be several issues we can look at: chinch bug, grub worms, and/or fungus related problems. Please contact the office for more information.
    • What are grubs and is grub control needed on a yearly basis?
      Grubs are the larvae stage in the life cycle of a beetle. Damage occurs when the grubs feed on the root system of the turf grass, causing the grass to die. A preventive grub control applied yearly around April will help protect your investment in your lawn from the damage these insects cause
  • How do you take care of weeds in my grass?
    • Pre-emergent fertilizer is applied on all of our customers during the mid to late March time frame and early to late October. We will spray selective herbicide on post-emerged weeds and hand pull any large ones.
  • How am I billed and when is payment due?
    • All invoices are sent via e-mail on the last Friday/Saturday of the monthly schedule. There is a link provided in the e-mail to pay online. If you wish to have invoices sent via mail, you may request to do so. All maintenance invoices are due on the 15th of every month.
  • What if it rains on my scheduled day?
    • We will not work in severe rain, however we will continue to work in light rain. If needed, we will pause until rain has stopped and continue to work unless ground is too saturated.  Missed days will be made up during the remaining business days during that work week, in most cases on a Saturday if needed.


Landscaping FAQ

  • Are you licensed and insured?
    • Yes. We hold all necessary state licenses for Texas.
  • How do I start the landscape process?
    • You can submit a request here or call the office at 512-569-0660 and speak with Tiffany. This service is free of charge. One of our landscape professionals will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your landscaping desires for your property. Some topics we like to discuss are plant/material preferences, hardscape material choices if needed, decorative rock/mulch and budget. It is helpful to have a copy of your land survey available.
  • When will I receive a quote?
    • We will take the information gained during the on-site visit and prepare you an estimate. Estimates will be sent via e-mail. Please allow 2-4 business days.
  • Does this proposal include a design?
    • No. If the proposal is accepted, a design will be created for your home/property if needed.
  • What about permits, backflow and marking utilities?
    We take care of the permit process where applicable. We make sure the utilities are located and marked before we start digging. We install the proper backflow device suited for that particular install.
  • Do you install irrigation systems? (sprinkler system)
    • Yes. We have over 12 years experience in irrigation install and maintenance.
  • How long are the prices valid for?
    • Prices are valid for 90 days after estimate is sent.
  • Do you provide any warranties?
    • Yes, we provide a 1 year warranty on irrigation and hardscapes. All plant purchased and installed by NXNWL will have a 90 day warranty after date installed *as long as they have proper irrigation*. Plants may be purchased by customer but with no guarantee.
  • How much can I expect to pay to hire your company?
    • This all depends on the type of service you are requesting. We are professionals that work year round. We have specific labor rates for different tasks to insure we recover overhead, equipment costs, payroll for quality employees, and a fair company profit.