Water Conservation

Water conservation benefits homeowners and environmentalists alike. From high-efficiency washing machines to taking shorter showers, small changes can make a big difference in both utility bills and sustainability efforts. But water use doesn’t stop in the home; the average North American household uses 50% of its water supply on lawn, landscape and garden maintenance. In fact, one of the biggest opportunities for water conservation exists in homeowners’ backyards.

Here are a few a options to increase water conservation;

Xeriscaping is a method of creative landscaping that focuses on strategic use of flora, soil, rock, and planting patterns to cultivate gardens that require minimum hydration. These techniques have been able to reduce water use in lawn and landscaping by as much as 75%. Developed in drought-afflicted Colorado, xeriscaping uses seven basic planting principles to minimize water use. Today, a wide variety of drought-resistant plantings and countless aesthetic options encourage gardeners in all geographies to get creative and personalize the trend for themselves.

What are the benefits?
In addition to increasing household water conservation, the benefits of xeriscaping include less time spent on property maintenance, healthier soil, and less need for fertilizer. Click here for more information.

Aqua Smart. Introducing a green product that has been tested and proven to help reduce outside watering up to 66%. Aqua Smart’s premier moisture retention capabilities will save everybody not only time and energy, but WATER AND MONEY. Click here for more information.


Utilizing water conserving irrigation products –

We have many options to help reduce water waste and ensure that your lawn will stay green all summer long! From nozzles to drip irrigation to sensors there are many options available to you to give you the best system in the neighborhood!! Click here for more information of the products we offer!